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Who we are

The firm specializes in creating custom tailored content management systems that enable companies to update content easily and often, without the assistance of a web expert. Our content management systems are built from scratch allowing for the full customization needed for each project. Joseph Cohen, founder of Team Red Studio, takes pride in designing and managing each site that is produced.

Team Red Studio employs eight full time and part time employees, each with their own various area of expertise including website design, PHP and database development, Flash development, print services, illustration and animation. Together each specialist works to create websites that are masterpieces.

Team Red Studio is dedicated to excellent design, remarkable solutions, and close customer relations. Their style is boutique-like; taking on limited clients and giving a lot of attention. Talk to them, let them show you their work, and you will see why they say, "Great websites come from here!"

Our philosophy

Team Red Studio's core business is centered around designing and developing websites. From medium to large projects, Team Red Studio's purpose is to create websites strategically in line with the essence of your business to both increase the ease of use, as well as make it visually stimulating to the end user.